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The Morning Core is here to help you get your day started. Get the morning's financial news in an easy-to-read format. I include charts and insight to help people understand what is driving markets and sentiment.  This website does not deliver financial advice or tell people how to invest. My goal is to identify interesting content and have some fun in the process. I’ve seen a million morning notes in my career on Wall Street, this isn’t one of them.

About Nick Lampone and Dalzell Trading

I am Principal & Director of Trading at Dalzell Trading. We are an outsourced trading firm that executes equity and options trades on behalf of our clients. We act as a buy-side trading desk for investment managers, hedge funds and other institutional firms.

I have been an Institutional Equity Sales Trader for the bulk of my career. Due to my advancing age, I have now worked on a trading desk during the dot-com boom/bust, 9/11, the financial crash and now a pandemic. For better or worse, this gives me and the team at Dalzell Trading a different perspective on day-to-day market moving events.

Dalzell Trading is a dually registered broker-dealer & Investment Advisor.  In addition to providing outsourced trading, I am also a registered investment advisor and provide investment advice that is always in the clients’ best interests. Please reach out if you would like more information.
Direct: 617-340-5316

Dalzell Trading


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